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No, this isn’t going to be a serious discussion about the pros/cons, editorial responsibility/ lack thereof of Wikipedia. Because I’m not in that kind of mood this week. It’s much more frivolous than that. Have you ever wondered why we … Continue reading

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On the joy of inventing new words

After a series of embarrassing, but amusing, gaffes over the past week where I misread some perfectly innocent signs, I’ve created a new word: smutlexia [smut-lek-see–uh] noun, Pathology definition: a reading disorder characterised by the sufferer’s unintentional misreading and subsequent … Continue reading

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Sudden Sex: Dress Code, by N.T Morley

Alison Tyler really knows how to pick ’em. This is the final of the 4 stories in Sudden Sex that I signed up to review, and boy is it ever a good one! “Dress Code”, by N.T Morley, is about … Continue reading

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